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1911 S.P.R.S.
Strike Plate Rail Systems
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Made In The USA

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Using a conservative figure, fully ninety-eight percent of those who own and carry handguns, carry a handgun that is several years old, not a state-of-the-art, current generation handgun as produced by the plethora of firearms manufactures today, both commercial and custom.

And given the statistics, it is in all likelihood, a tried and true 1911 Government Model that the owner has come to love and trust.

Missing from the less-than-new but still highly functional handgun is the ability to directly mount a high intensity tactical light for home defense or if the handgun is used in a tactical mode, for assaults into darkened areas of buildings, unless one is fortunate enough to own an early generation SureFire Tactical Light (which is greatly outdated).  The feature that permits the mounting of a tactical light, a full-length rail system incorporated into the dust cover of the handgun, is limited to current model Glocks, and a few limited production model 1911’s, as well s the assorted other dogs and cats we won’t discuss.  Now there is a product to change that.  Urban Advantage of Lynden, Washington, has developed a prototype Strike Plate & Rail System (S.P.R.S.) that will mount to any 1911 Government Model, Beretta 92 and 92 centurion.

This is a quick attaching assembly that provides a lightweight rail system ready to mount any of the current tactical lights available today.  The ability to quickly mount a tactical light via a full length rail integral to the frame of the handgun has only been available for the most current generation of handguns or for those 1911 and Beretta owners who possess an early design SureFire610R Tactical Light-until now.

That’s where the S.P.R.S. comes in. Three separate but simple features highlight this system’s versatility. One, for those tactically oriented individuals, the system incorporates a Strike Plate that ensures an assailant will not knock your handgun out of battery and thus neutralizing your ability to deliver rounds on your target, namely him. In addition, because of the “abrasive surface” of the Strike Plate, the Strike Plate portion of the S.P.R.S. can be used to incapacitate an assailant who ventures within arms reach of the user.

Next the Unique opening in the strike plate allows for pressure to be taken off the oncoming bullet through the bore thus increasing velocity and with the slight weight and lessened pressure reduces recoil by nearly 50%.

Third, and perhaps more important to the majority of users, is a full length rail system which will allow a tactical operator or a home owner to directly attach a tactical light directly to his or her handgun, thus eliminating the need to resort to the Rogers Technique with a flashlight and handgun during a room-to-room search in either a tactical operation or a potential home intrusion situation.

This lightweight (under 4 ounces) aluminum system attaches directly to virtually any 1911 Government Model handgun through the use of an extra long slide lock pin and a small set-screw, which prevents any unnecessary movement. The profile is that of a 1911 with a thickened, full-length dust cover. The balance of the handgun in the hand appears to improve with the few extra ounces added to the lower of the handgun. When firing the handgun, one notice’s immediately that the added weight aids in reducing felt recoil and muzzle rise, allowing for faster follow-up shots. And lastly the Strike Plate portion of the S.P.R.S., situated directly in front of and around the muzzle of the 1911, actually increases the velocity of any round fired.

The S.P.R.S. for 1911 Government Model handguns full size Beretta’s, and Sig’s, will accommodate any of the SureFire Streamlight or Insight Tactical Light Systems now on the market.